Michael S. Chung has been the head technician at Pickle Piano Company since 1994.  In addition, he maintains, tunes, and repairs pianos for the Chicago School District 54. He works closely with Renner USA, having recently completed their Grand Piano Action Master course at the Renner Academy in Phoenix, Arizona.

His specialties include action work/restoration, custom rebuilding, action regulation, repair, and hammer replacement using the finest quality hammers (Abel, Renner & Steinway).  He also provides tuning, pitch-raising, and fine custom tuning (A=440 Hz & A=442 Hz).

As a tone regulating specialist, Michael also performs detailed hammer voicing, a nuanced skill that adds depth and color to the tone of the instrument.

He is a sought after by concert pianists and piano professors because of his unique ability to create an exquisite tone.

Michael holds a Master in Music degree from Busan National University and certification from the Piano Technical Institute of South Korea.  He is an active member of the Piano Technicians Guild.

Michael provides full service to Chicago and all surrounding suburbs.

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