Michael S. Chung has been the head technician at Pickle Piano Company since 1994.  In addition, he maintains, tunes, and repairs pianos for Chicago School District 15, American Music World Piano Store, School District D-15, and Schaumburg Christian Church & School. He works closely with Renner USA, having recently completed their Grand Piano Action Master course at the Renner Academy in Phoenix, Arizona.

His specialties include action work/restoration, custom rebuilding, action regulation, repair, and hammer replacement using the finest quality hammers (Abel, Renner & Steinway).  He also provides tuning, pitch-raising, and fine custom tuning (A=440 Hz & A=442 Hz).

As a tone regulating specialist, Michael also performs detailed hammer voicing, a nuanced skill that adds depth and color to the tone of the instrument.

He is a sought after by concert pianists and piano professors because of his unique ability to create an exquisite tone.

Michael holds a Master in Music degree from Busan National University and certification from the Piano Technical Institute of South Korea.  He is an active member of the Piano Technicians Guild.

Michael provides full service to the Chicago and St. Louis metro areas.


Pristine condition Petrof Grand Piano for sale – $17,500

  • Abel Hammers (Germany)
  • Petrof / Renner Action (Germany)
  • Action fully regulated and maintained
  • Tuned Regularly
  • Voiced Hammers
  • PianoDisc System
  • 3 years parts & labor warranty.
  • Two Home Tuning & Voicing services included by Seven Octave Piano

$36,000 – SOLD

Rebuilt Steinway and Sons Model M
SN: 188305
Ebony Satin

Excellent Condition
3 Years Parts and Labor Warranty
2 Home Tunings included

Complete Restoration

  • New Genuine Steinway Hammers
  • New NY Shanks and Flanges with original Wippens
  • New Key Bushing Felt
  • New Keytops
  • New Pinblock
  • Restring complete (Bass Mapes Co)
  • Soundboard Refinished
  • Full Regulated Action
  • Pitch raise and Fine tune A440 Hz
  • Voiced Hammers

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Restoration and Rebuilding

New Action (hammer, shanks, flanges, wippens, repetition, and back action)
New Pin Block
New Strings
New Dampers
Restoration/Replacement of Soundboard
Refinishing of Cabinet
Restoration of Bridge
New Key Surface


Aural Tuning
Accu-Tuner Tuning


Action Regulating

Grand Piano
Upright Piano
Damper Regulating


String Treatment
Tuning Pin Treatment
Hammer Filing
Key Rebushing

Action Rebuilding


Climate Control

Dampp-Chaser Installation



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